Vehicle Stickers

Identification stickers for the vehicles of residents of the City of Indian Hills are available. These are certainly not mandatory, but they are most helpful to our police department. If you would like one or more stickers for your vehicle(s), please call the police department at 893-COPS (893-2677). Each sticker is to be displayed on the driver's side rear bumper or the driver's side rear window.

Mailbox Perils & Identity Theft

In the past, the Department investigated an incident in which outgoing checks were stolen from a residentís mailbox. The suspects then used the resident's name and bank account information to illegally withdraw funds from his bank account. Both suspects were indicted by the Jefferson County Grand Jury.

Please be aware that criminals often take advantage of our comfort in and around our homes, including in our belief that the postal carrier will be the only person to retrieve items from your mailbox. The Department suggests that, if at all possible, outgoing payments be dropped in a curbside mailbox or delivered directly to an area branch.

Identity theft is a crime that is on the rise nationally, as well as in Indian Hills. In our cases, the criminals involved have stolen anywhere from $200 to over $15,000 from each of our victims. The thefts can begin by the person obtaining credit card or bank account information from a receipt, unbeknownst to the victim. The person may also involve the victim directly, by "scamming" the victim during a telephone call disguised as a sales or customer service call. We urge everyone to protect credit card receipts and information and to never provide sensitive information over the telephone, such as social security numbers or credit card account numbers and expirations. You may minimize the risk by periodically checking your credit accounts through the national credit bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, etc.). If you do notice unusual information or feel that you may been victimized, don't hesitate to call us.

Know Those with Access

We usually offer crime prevention tips to protect persons and property from "strangers", or someone that happens to pick your residence to commit their crime. This tip is to protect your valuables from invited persons to your home. Many residents use cleaning or maintenance services in or around their homes. When using such services, remember to hide or secure valuable items such as jewelry, wallets, checkbooks, and important documents.

The Indian Hills Police Department has investigated at least one theft that involved a cleaning service. The offender had the freedom to roam the house to clean, and he took that opportunity to remove some of the family's jewelry. Due to the quick attention of the victim, the suspect was charged and the property was recovered. This is not always the case. It is common for the Police Department to talk to theft victims that do not know a specific time frame that the theft occurred. While we may believe a cleaning service or repair company employee is involved, it is very difficult to prove; as well as to recover the stolen property.

Most domestic workers are honest and professional; however, everyone is urged to be aware of your valuables and to be very selective about hiring others to be in your home. If you notice any valuables missing or observe anything suspicious, contact us immediately.

Once again, please remember to hide and secure your valuables, preferably in a safe or concealed lock box. It is also helpful to not store all your jewelry in the same location. If a thief happens upon one "stash", he or she may believe they have found all there is to find.

Good Weather Alert

When good weather arrives, and there is plenty of work and play to keep us outside, remember to either keep an eye on your home or keep the doors locked, even when just in your yard.

Spring and summer are the times when the well known "gypsy" burglars have victimized our area in the past. In most cases, the resident was just outside their home ... and may have even spoken with the burglars.

Garage Door Openers

The Indian Hills Police have taken multiple reports in which remote garage door openers have been removed from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways. This is done so the offender can easily access the residence and commit further crimes. We recommend locking vehicle doors at all times, and hiding the garage door openers in a locked console or glove compartment.